A set of resources that work together to provide the basic mindset shift to move to a Results-Only Work Environment™.


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The GO ROWE Online System® is a set of resources that work together to provide the basic foundational mindset shift, tools and strategies necessary for you to begin the process of building a Results-Only Work Environment for your team or organization.

The GO ROWE Online System was developed to specifically enable managers to  to tackle culture change one digestible chunk at a time. The system has been designed based on our years of experience working with hundreds of teams and thousands of people bringing them into a Results-Only Work Environment.

The GO ROWE Online System is a series of modules that are streamed directly to individual devices to be viewed whenever, wherever. Think of it as your own pay-per-view education system with Discussion Guides that have been uniquely designed to accompany each module. The GO ROWE Online System is flexible so you can experience ROWE at your own pace.

The Go ROWE System is for one (1) device only. You may NOT transfer purchased Modules from your computer to your other devices.
You agree that you will not modify, frame, reproduce, archive, sell, lease, rent, exchange, create derivative works from, publish by hard copy or electronic means, publicly perform, display, disseminate, distribute, broadcast, retransmit, circulate to any third party or on any third-party web site, or otherwise use the CRX Materials in any way except as specifically permitted by these Terms or otherwise in writing by CultureRx, LLC; or (c) provide access to any Modules or CRX Materials via any medium without the prior written consent of an authorized representative of CultureRx, LLC. FULL LICENSE AGREEMENT AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.

CultureRx® is the owner of the Results-Only Work Environment™ and ROWE™ trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property which identify the innovative management methodology. No direct or indirect use of the intellectual property, trademarked or copyrighted names, materials or any other aspects of ROWE™ may be used to describe any work environment without express written consent by CultureRx®. Unauthorized use is prohibited.

Intended Audience: People managers who are interested in building high-performance teams and individuals interested in more effective ways to work.

Module 1: The Results-Only Foundation
Module 1: Discussion Guide
Module 2: Sludge Eradication
Module 2: Discussion Guide
Module 3: Communication and Collaboration Strategies
Module 3: Discussion Guide
Module 4: The Work
Module 4: Discussion Guide
Module 5: How to Manage
How to Manage: Discussion Guide
ROWE Typical Questions
Why Work Sucks Chapter 1
ROWE Approved Employee Handbook
Why Work Sucks Intro - Audio

What's included

  • 5 Video Lessons
  • 9 Text Lessons

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Jody Thompson and Cali Ressler